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This clan is named after the anime Full Metal Alchemist
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 Recuriment Guide

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PostSubject: Recuriment Guide   Fri Oct 02, 2015 11:42 am

You first host a duel

Then you accept their challenge during the duel don't hold back go full force
When the duel starts in duel chat first ask them if they want to join then if they answer maybe or yes u  say to get into the clan u must get me down to 2000 lp

You duel okay say they do get you down to 2000 when that happens say congrants u made it into the clan

Then tell them they need to make a spare dn account with {Alchemist} in front of the name in that same message send them the forum link and tell them to use their new account they made for the forum

Also tell them that they were placed in the Havoc Red dorm

If they have any concerns tell them to pm  me on the forum or dn but if its with the dorm placement tell them to browse the forum and go to rules and regulations and click the topic how to move up in the dorms because if you send them to me i will say the same thing

Also tell them when they make an account on the forum to put up an introduction with topic of Introduce yourself

Also tell them to read both the code of conduct  and  how to move up in the dorms under rules and regulations
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Recuriment Guide
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